Logistical services in the area of SZILK

GlobalLog Ltd started the logistic activity in Szeged Industrial and Logistic Centre in March 2009. Since then the warehouse has grown to have a floor space of 5200 square meters.

In the modern, well-equipped warehouse, which has a floor-to-ceiling height of 12 meters there is an area of 500 square meters where 4-5-meter high goods stored-in-blocks can be placed.

We ensure storage on racking up to 2300 compartments. The rate of charging is 1000kgs/storage compartment. The warehouse has 6 docking gates with levellers. Their rate of charging is 6000 kg. There is an inner and outer, 24 hours operating safety management system with cameras equipped with movement sensors.

We offer to our clients on demand:

  • Handling of palleted goods.
  • Storing of palleted goods.
  • Uniform packaging and commissioning.
  • Shipping and handling of loads with our material conveyors of 2 and 2,5 tons of loading capacity.

GlobalLog Ltd. as an authorised consignee can place containerised dutiable goods arriving on vehicles of transport in simplified customs procedures.

Our bonded warehouse has the permission of a public bonded warehouse type "A" for its whole area of 2600 square meters, where we can place merchandise arriving from a third country until it goes through customs.


We also have permission for VAT warehousing, which enables all taxable entities having an EU VAT number to use our VAT warehousing service.

It is within our scope of activities to reexpedit, to obtain import and export customs permissions for importers resident in Hungary or in any EU country, to provide a guarantee, which makes it possible to sell the imported merchandise immediately.

We prepare statistical reports (Intrastart) to record the companies in Hungary in the statistical system concerning the trade within the EU, and submit the necessary data to the Central Statistical Office electronically.

Our main activity is to provide counselling regarding the environmental product tax and ensure its submission electronically. We can also help our present and future clients to obtain a GLN.

When the second stage of the construction project is completed over the existing storage compartments (loading capacity 1000kg/compartment) we can offer more compartments (of 850kg/compartment) in our extended warehouse.