The project was granted subvention in the framework of Economy Development Operative Programme identified as „The development of logistic centres and services”.

The Development of Szeged Industrial Logistic Centre

The aim of the tender GOP 3-2-1-07//2008-0027 is to enable applicants to be able to provide a high–quality service for their economic partners taking the needs of the market and environmental aspects into consideration.

Details of the project:


GlobalLog Logistics, Real Estate Managing and Service Ltd.

Seat: 6728 Szeged, Budapesti út 34.

Organisation involved:

MAG-Magyar gazdaságfejlesztési Központ Co. Ltd,

Seat: 1139 Budapest, Váci út 83.


1. Szeged Beton Ltd.

Seat: 6728 Szeged, Dorozsmai út 35.

2. SZÁM-ADÓ Ltd.

Seat: 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Széchenyi tér 1/a.


1. Deltaterv Ltd

Seat: 6720 Szeged, Arany J. u. 7.

2. Fehérváry és Partnerei Építész Stúdió Ltd.

Seat: 1121 Budapest, Tállya u. 12.

Constructing: 2009. 02.02.- 2010. 11. 30.

Granted subvention: HUF 375.774.375,-

The contents of the project:

1. Equipment for logistic activity:

  • Purchase of material handling devices such as forklift trucks
  • Purchase of racking systems needed for the storage activity
  • Purchase of professional office equipment to fulfil the needs of the additional logistic services

2. Infrastructural investments in connection with the logistic services

  • Construction of water supply system, rainwater and wastewater sewage, fire water system, central road

3. Expansion of storage capacity in connection with the logistic services: construction of a 2600 sqm roofed warehouse

4. IT developments: the purchase and installation of integrated logistic and business software, safe and fast hardware

5. The use of counselling: corporal strategy and management development

6. The use of assistance with marketing in connection with the project: information  and PR activities

Rainfall channel

Exploration road

Drinking water