A new Volvo service centre has been built in Szeged

A new service centre and logistic warehouse has been built in the area of Szeged invested by Volvo Hungária Ltd., a 100% Volvo Truck Corporation owned subsidiary. The greenfield investment the expected value of which is HUF 550 million net was realised on a 2-hectare site in Szeged Industrial and Logistic Centre off the motorways M5 and M43. It was finished and opened in autumn 2009.

The contract for the purchase of the site was signed on 28th August 2008 by Dávid Illés managing director and Attila Kiss Network Development director representing  Volvo Hungária Ltd, and Dr. Béla Vörös managing director representing GlobalLog Ltd, which is partly owned by the Municipality of Szeged.

The new, modern and well- equipped 1300 sqm service centre aims to provide high quality service not only to  the carrying companies of the region but the through traffic of Europe too. The expected number of employees is 25. They will receive a professional training in the Central South-European Regional Training Centre of Volvo in Budapest.

The foundation-stone of the Hansa-Kontakt Logistic Centre was laid

Hansa-Kontakt has begun to build a warehouse having a floor space of 28.000 sqm on a 6,5 hectare land in Szeged Industrial and Logistic Centre (SZILK). The investment will cost HUF 3.8 billion. At the ceremony speeches were made by László Botka mayor and Attila Kiss director of Hansa-Kontakt Ltd.

László Botka emphasised that there was an increasing demand for modern logistic establishments as the motorways M5 had been built. The investment of Hansa-Kontakt was a good example for this.

Director Attila Kiss told that by August 2009 Hansa-Kontakt Ltd would own a 28.000 sqm logistic centre that fulfils the needs of 21st century, and when they had all the necessary permissions from the authorities they can start the work they had been preparing for.

This time is looked forward to not only by those 200 people who has had a certain job at the firm for nearly 10 years, but also the 3000 partners that are served and supplied by Hansa-Kontakt Ltd. day by day.

We expect that the 600 supplied units in 4 counties will experience that they obtain a simpler, faster, and more effective service.

To laying of a foundation-stone always has a symbolic meaning. Though for the workers and owners of Hansa-Kontakt Ltd it means not only that the long-waited construction can start but it is also a milestone that basically strengthens the firm and has a positive influence on its future.

The „foundation-stone” of Hansa-Kontakt was laid 14 years ago, when the Ltd. was founded in 1995. By now it has grown to serve 3000 partners among them more than 600 organised, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Its main scope of activity is the distribution of foodstuff, chemicals, tobacco and beverages.

It caters for more than 4 counties: Csongrád, Bács-Kiskun, Békés and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok counties and the southern part of Pest county. It is the exclusive distributor and logistic supplier for several multinational firms in the area.

The primary contractor of the building operations is Aktuál Bau Építőipari Ltd.

Title of intermodality

The Szeged Industrial and Logistic Centre was honoured the title of “An intermodal logistic and service centre” during a ceremony on 21st June 2007.