Volvo Truck began its working

Within the framework of the Volvo network developing plans of a brand new, 100% Volvo owned service station works in Szeged in GlobalLog Industrial Park.
The creation of the service station was supported only by the factory itself and it provides an all-inclusive service for repairing and maintaining buses and truck and also supplies pieces and parts.

The station worthy of the name Volvo, just like the other members of the network has a 24-hour help service called Volvo Action Service for Volvo car owners.

Prior to the opening all the employees took part in several, week-long training sessions about Volvo, which dealt with many fields, and at the same time, all the needed tools and machines were purchased. The workshop can repair any kind of trailers too. During the process of equipping it was a priority to purchase up-to-date technology that enables exact and fast work. The building and the infrastructure was built in a way that it can be extended if needed.

If you have any questions about the services, please contact us on 06 62 553 780.