Civil engineering of the Szeged Logistic Center

GlobalLog Ltd has entrusted DELTATERV Ltd. with making implementation plans for the main drinking water conduit and the sewerage system, the ducts for the gas and the access road of Szeged Logistic Centre. A specified regulation plan has been made called Szeged Special Economic Zone, which includes the planning area.

The centre is off the main road 5 in the area with the lot number 01418/1. It was an agricultural area earlier so there are no utilities. However near the centre there is the mains for water, gas, electricity and telecommunications so when the basic work started the gas main and the cable for electricity supply of 20 kV was planned and built. The coupling point of the water conduit, and the pits for the meter and overlifting of the sewerage have been designated after consulting with the suppliers. To plan and construct the above mentioned was a job for the Szeged Waterworks Co. Ltd.


The receiving structure of the planned sewage is the existing overlifting pump, which has an inlet level of 76,00 mBf. The waste water goes from the pump through an existing pipe into the sewage system of the town. The planned track of the water conduit goes under the centre-line of the road. The „lower”, 268m long part of the planned channel is to be built using V30KD300/2500/60SW pipes, there is 557m long part, where D315KG PVC pipes should be used, and the 99 m long „upper” part is to be built from D200KG PVC pipes. In case of great depths concrete reinforcement is needed under the pipes, under the other sections a sandy gravel layer was applied. To build the feeder canals to the sites D200KG PVC pipes are laid with a slope of 0.4 %. Along the collecting trunk cleaning shafts with an internal diameter of 100cm were placed in every 50 m. They have heavy series 894/F-600 frames and covers of D-400 load classification.  In the immediate pipezone only a compression by hand is allowed, outside it the soil must be 85% and 95% of brevity.

Rain water drainage

The Kettőshatár-Szénáskerti Channel goes through the middle of the planning and construction area on a site having an individual lot number. The calculated flow is 728l/s (according to the study of SZVMF Co. Ltd.). The amount of the leaving rain water was sized up in relation to each sites of the Logistic Centre as independent units and on the sites bigger than two hectares reservoirs were built to withhold rain water. It is very important from the point of view of the receiving canal, because the constructional work crossing the localizing dam has a capacity of 400 l/s. The length of the canal is reveted with 1179.4m of prefabricated concrete. In the entrances of all sites frames of 60*60*15 or 80*80*15 were placed. Under the prefabricated cover of the bed there is a layer of 15 cm-thick sandy gravel.

The rainwater collected from the roof of the buildings and the reveted surfaces is cleaned and then directed into the ditch along the road and later to the Kettőshatár-Szénáskert Channel, which flows on the south edge of the area.

Drinking water

The coupling point was determined by the Szeged Waterworks Co. Ltd. By building new sections the system of the town was extended in order to ensure the supply of drinking and fire water for the Centre. The industrial water demand is 778.2 m3/day. The maximum daily water demand is 1167.3 m3/das (19.45 l/s), while the fire water demand is 3900 l/s.

For the planned water duct P-80(SDR11) pipes are used with a pressure degree of P-10. They are suitable for drinking water, and are connected at the flange connections with DN 350/300 XL-2650 type MULTI-JOINT pipe couplings. There are 12 fire hydrants along the duct. A 15cm-thick layer of sand had to be made under the duct. When the construction was over a pressure test was carried out at a pressure of 1.5 times the working pressure plus 1 bar. Finally the constructed water duct was chlorinated, then filtered.

Road constructions

The access road has two sections. Section „A” is 803.97 m long and section „B” is 280.71 m long. The width control is 25 m for section „A”, and 20m for section „B”. The width of the road is 7.50m, the width of the berm is 1.50 m and the width of the sidewalk is 1.50 m. Because of the connection of the access road to the existing road, the track of the ditch was altered on the right side of road 5. The subgrade of the roads is determined by the planned invert level of the culverts and the receiving Kettőshatár-Szénáskerti Channel.

Structural thickness:

  • 5 cm thick AC16/F
  • 7 cm thick AC22/F
  • 9 cm thick JU32/F
  • 20 cm thick  CKt foundation
  • 30 cm thick sandy gravel layer

The topping was made using lowered, 15*40*20 kerbstones on both sides embedded in C16 concrete beams. The slope of the topping is 2,5% and the slope of the berm is 5 %.

The structure of the sidewalk:

  • 2,5 cm thick  AC8 v. 4cm thick paving stone
  • 3,5 m thick AC11v. sand bed
  • 15 cm thick CKt foundation
  • 15 cm thick  sandy gravel layer

The access relating to its function was constructed as a main road because of the great number of heavy trucks. The speed limit is 30 kph because of the length and tracing of the road. During the construction of the slip road on the right side of main road 5 along the section 162+860 the following sings were erected:

  • Road works
  • Speed limit: 30 kph
  • Road narrows and striped diverting signs on the side of the road

On the long run the connections in all directions can be established so the construction of a turning or a roundabout to satisfy the regulations of the authorities was not needed. On the left side of the access road along the section 0+20 there is a gravitational gutter in line with the road to run off the surface water, through this PCC line to the receiving channel. Along the further section there is a ditch reveted with 160m of prefabricated TB30/50/40 cells which takes the rain water under the road to the receiving channel through a D400KG PVC pipe. Along the planned access road the public utilities (water, sewage, gas, gutter) will be built to ensure the needs of the companies settling in.